100 Languages of Children:

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Meet our Assistant Principal, Melissa Brisbane

Meeting the needs of all children at SWS With the echoes of children playing outside, Melissa Brisbane sits at a large wooden conference table and recalls how she felt at this year's first all-student-and-staff assembly. Looking out at the sea of students and the 60-plus member staff, Ms. Brisbane was [...]

SWS 2nd graders show off their biking skills and prepare a trash-free picnic

SWS second graders, many parents, and some area bicycle enthusiasts spent a beautiful afternoon biking around Capitol Hill and picnicking in Lincoln Park on April 14th. This fun and healthy day was the culmination of a month-long bicycle unit, part of the D.C. Public Schools Cornerstones program that aims to [...]

How do you feel today?

Calm kids are happy. Calm kids stay cool. Calm kids share their feelings. Both at home and school. Calm kids give their body what it needs. Calm kids follow the rules. Calm kids are happy. Calm kids stay cool. SWS kindergarteners learned the “Calm Kids” song – composed by kindergarten [...]

SWS FoodPrints program receives significant support!

This week, the FRESHFARM FoodPrints program at School Within School was awarded a significant grant of $15,000! This support is crucial to continuing our FoodPrints "in-school field trip" model at SWS. The grant was awarded was a School Garden Grant from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). The broad vision of [...]

First Grade Spring Publishing Party

Spring is bloom time—for budding writers as well as flowers! After weeks of working on their nonfiction writing unit, our two first grade classes hosted their second publishing party of the year in March. (The first, held in November, celebrated the students’ “small moment” stories.) Parents and other special adults [...]

THANK YOU to our wonderful Auction sponsors!

Thank you to the many wonderful sponsors of our 19th Annual Gala & Auction. It was a very successful fundraising and community building event for our school!