Each year, each DCPS school sets five goals for the chancellor based on its start of the year assessments.  SWS met four of our five Chancellor goals for last school year.

  • We smashed our Text Reading Comprehension Goal by 9% point and now 91% of our elementary students are on or above grade level in reading
  • We met our goal of 92% of K-3 students meeting or exceeding the grade level fluency benchmark as indicated by the DIBELS assessment given in June.
  • We reduced the number of students who fell well-below the proficiency level on the DIBELS assessment by 60% (our goal was 50%).
  • On a four point rubric scale, our writing in response to text as measured by the unit tests increased from a 1.4 rubric average to a 3.3 average score on a 1-4 scaled rubric (our goal was to hit an average rubric score of 2.2).
  • We missed our math goal by 5% which still fell within the range of an effective school as measured by the DCPS rubric for the Chancellor Goals. (Math has already been a top strategy that we focused on at this summer’s SWS Teacher Retreat).

Overall on DCPS’s 1-4 rubric scale (with 4 being the highest score) measuring the results of our school goals, SWS was given four 4’s and one 3.

Congratulations to all the students, staff, teachers and parents who worked so hard to make these results happen!



— Principal Burst