With the $10,000 we were able to invest this summer on teacher development — thanks to your generous support of Friends of SWS — teachers have been coming into the building over the past three weeks to begin organizing classrooms and we all spent two productive days together at our annual summer retreat.

At our retreat, we set two of focus areas for this coming school year:

  1. Working with children with disregulation issues: As a staff we want to support students who are frustrated, unable to concentrate, and/or causing disruption. We are working to find and develop common strategies to help children ease back into the group and participate in learning with minimal loss in instructional time. We want to support learners without negatively impacting the way they are perceived by themselves and others.
  2. Building connections within and among the curriculum, the school and the world that surrounds us. We want to help all stakeholders in the school use the concept or lens of connection to view their learning around and within projects, core curriculum pieces, their out-of-school environment, the world in which we live, and all the facets that are a part of the work in which we engage.

We look forward to seeing our students back at school in a few weeks!



–Principal Burst