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SWS Blogs About the Intersections of Joy, Wonder, and Learning

SWS Winter Concert: A joyous community event

SWS held its first-ever all-school Winter Concert on December 16th, under the guidance of SWS Music Director James Castaneda. It was a huge success! All classes took part, from PreK3 through 4th grade. In addition to a variety of songs, the concert featured the debut of both the SWS Chorus and [...]

Music at SWS with Mr. James

Mr. James has always viewed music as something to be taught organically -- something for students to learn with guidance, rather than strict instruction. Even though he's new to new to the Reggio approach, he says the Reggio focus at SWS has encouraged him to seek even more input from students [...]

SWS Principal’s Corner: Setting School Goals

Every DCPS school has specific achievement goals set by the Chancellor. The Chancellor sets these goals for SWS in coordination with Principal Burst to align with the DCPS overall goals and areas for growth specific to SWS. Below Principal Burst explains more about SWS's goals.     How did we [...]

SWS Celebrates Thanksgiving

Across our school on November 19th, families and staff celebrated Thanksgiving together with potlucks in each grade. Here's a peek at celebrations in 3rd, 2nd, and 1st grades. In 3rd grade, Ms. Ewart's class prepared dishes for the potluck in in FoodPrints. They made pumpkin soup, cranberry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, and sweet potato/swiss chard gratin. Yum! [...]

3rd grade scientists

Recently Ms. DeAnna's 3rd grade students dissected owl pellets in Science. They found bones, put them together, and identified the animals. Ms. DeAnna reports, "They are having a blast with Mr. Palm!"        

November LSAT & Advisory Team Meeting: Message from the Chair

At our November LSAT Meeting (Nov, 2, 2015), topics of discussion included: 1) Ramin Taheri, co-chair of the Outreach Committee, introduced our new community member, Anne Hyslop who lives in the neighborhood and works at the policy office at the US Department of Education on common core and NCLB. 2) [...]