First Grade Spring Publishing Party

Spring is bloom time—for budding writers as well as flowers! After weeks of working on their nonfiction writing unit, our two first grade classes hosted their second publishing party of the year in March. (The [...]

SWS 4th grade teachers’ reflect on how the Reggio approach instills curiosity and problem-solving

SWS 4th grade teachers, Jordan Loftis and Caitie Meehan Jordan Loftis and Caitie Meehan are the new duo in charge of teaching the school’s forty 4th graders -- and first ever 4th grade [...]

2nd grade Monarch Museum: Nuturing a sense of wonder

Each student at SWS visited a museum in December to learn about monarch butterflies, but they didn't head to the Smithsonian. They went to the second grade hallway! Ms. Scofield's second grade class created its own [...]

Folktale Day at SWS: Kindergarteners explore stories and perform

"Twelve Goats Gruff"  ...  "Three Billy Goats Fluff" ... Learning to look closely at stories, exploring closely a single story, settings and dialogue, and performing for peers: That was all part of this year's Folktale Day [...]

Margaret Ricks: Pioneer and inspiration

Margaret Ricks, Kindergarten teacher, is one of the founding teachers of School Within School. She is a a true pioneer, inspiration, and mentor. Ms. Margaret Ricks during morning meeting in her kindergarten classroom at School [...]

“Everything Can Be Beautiful!”

An impromptu conversation about beauty while reading, I AM BLOP! "Everything can be beautiful."  -Lulu As children independently read day after day, a book kept coming off the shelves, was held in their hands and [...]

Exploring Patterns in PK4

Ms. Hannah's PreK-4 students are looking for all the different ways that they can make patterns ... with their bodies and all sorts of materials. If you get the pattern wrong you might have to take out the [...]

A glimpse of SWS math instruction at Kindergarten and 2nd grade

Math at SWS: Investigating, Making Connections, and Relating to Real World Situations SWS uses a math curriculum called "Investigations," in which students: explore problems in depth find more than one way to solve many of the problems [...]

Children Are Citizens … of Museums

Children Are Citizens Anyone who was at the National Gallery of Art in March and saw animated first graders performing plays in front of paintings may have thought: What? Are they allowed to do that [...]