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SWS Principal’s Corner: Community Meetings — Creating a Culture of Kindness

Our classroom and schoolwide community meetings are intentional ways of creating a community of kindness at SWS. For our schoolwide community meeting this month, students and staff are coming together around questions of equality and inclusion to [...]

SWS Principal’s Corner: Setting School Goals

Every DCPS school has specific achievement goals set by the Chancellor. The Chancellor sets these goals for SWS in coordination with Principal Burst to align with the DCPS overall goals and areas for growth specific [...]

Teachers hard at work preparing for the coming school year

With the $10,000 we were able to invest this summer on teacher development -- thanks to your generous support of Friends of SWS -- teachers have been coming into the building over the past three [...]

SWS meets ambitious academic goals set by DCPS

Each year, each DCPS school sets five goals for the chancellor based on its start of the year assessments.  SWS met four of our five Chancellor goals for last school year. We smashed our Text Reading [...]