A glimpse of SWS math instruction at Kindergarten and 2nd grade

Math at SWS: Investigating, Making Connections, and Relating to Real World Situations SWS uses a math curriculum called "Investigations," in which students: explore problems in depth find more than one way to solve many of the problems [...]

Meet Madame Greif, World Languages teacher at SWS

Meet Madame Greif, the new SWS World Languages Teacher. Madame Greif comes to SWS as a neighbor, as a parent, and now as a teacher. She has experience teaching French as well as English as [...]

Meet Mr. Palm, Science teacher at SWS

Mr. Palm is SWS’s new science teacher. He brings to SWS a background in the District of Columbia and abroad. He attended DCPS schools K through 12th grade! He studied anthropology in college (University of [...]

Children Are Citizens … of the City

As part of our participation in Harvard's Project Zero Children Are Citizens, students at SWS have been exploring the city. Here's a take from two kindergarteners on that exploration:

Children Are Citizens … of Museums

Children Are Citizens Anyone who was at the National Gallery of Art in March and saw animated first graders performing plays in front of paintings may have thought: What? Are they allowed to do that [...]