School Within School is a public, teacher-directed school. Our mission is to support and develop children’s potential through a uniquely child-centered, collaborative learning environment inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education.

From the SWS Blog: 100 Languages of Children


Je m’appelle Emily Greif, et je suis la maîtresse de français à SWS! I’m Emily Greif, the French teacher at SWS! Creating family scrapbooks "J'aime (I love) ma famille!" Here's a little about our language teaching philosophy here at SWS. We are using "Comprehensible Input" (CI), a philosophy [...]

“Dream Chicken Coop,” by SWS Kindergartners & 5th graders

by Margi Fineran, FoodPrints Lead Teacher at SWS Hand washing station, shoe covers, chicken fencing, paperwork and health inspections... these were the things we garden teachers were told two years ago we must have in place to host chickens at our school. I was overwhelmed with the logistics of getting [...]

Meet our Assistant Principal, Melissa Brisbane

Meeting the needs of all children at SWS With the echoes of children playing outside, Melissa Brisbane sits at a large wooden conference table and recalls how she felt at this year's first all-student-and-staff assembly. Looking out at the sea of students and the 60-plus member staff, Ms. Brisbane was [...]

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