School Within School @ Goding (SWS) is a DCPS public, teacher-directed school.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and develop children’s potential through a uniquely child-centered and teacher-directed collaborative learning environment inspired by the Reggio the schools for young children in Reggio Emilia, Italy. SWS was founded in 1995 by teachers who sought to apply the Reggio principles to early childhood education.
> Principles of Reggio Emilia

Our Unique Focus

The SWS Reggio-inspired program is a project-based approach to education which enables children to influence the direction of their learning. The project approach allows us to use the Common Core State Standard as a framework for delving deeper into long-term learning experiences.
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Our Events & Programs

SWS has a proud tradition of annual events, including Kindness Day celebrated each year on September 11th and the Winter Solstice Celebration.
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Our programs range from Responsive Classroom — to create community and promote self-control — to our support program for medically fragile students.
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Our History & Growth

Originally, SWS was located on the top floor of Peabody School at Stanton Park and was considered its own school “within” the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools. Although we have expanded to our own building, SWS remains our name that has identified excellence in education for nearly 20 years. After DCPS granted the school permission to expand in 2011, SWS will will reach full capacity in 2016, when the school adds fifth grade.
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Our Ateliers

Our Reggio approach includes two ateliers — places where children deeply explore their ideas and theories through visual arts, movement, music, and science.  Guided by our atelieristas, these workshops integrate with classroom subjects and projects.

“The arts are not mere diversions from the important business of education; they are essential resources.” – Elliot Eisner

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