Friends of SWS

Parent involvement in raising funds for the school is vital to our unique program. All funds raised to support the school are overseen by Friends of SWS. Donate to Friends of SWS

Friends’ Purpose

The purpose of Friends of SWS to promote and support the ongoing educational programming, staff professional development, and future growth of SWS. Friends fulfills this purpose through raising and managing private funds to augment funding the school receives through our DCPS school budget. Friends of SWS, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was formed in 2012 as the tax-exempt fundraising organization for School Within School (SWS). All parent-led fundraising activities for the school are overseen by the Friends organization such that all tax-exempt funds raised comply with IRS guidelines. (Friends of SWS EIN is 45-530610; IRS Ruling of tax-exempt status for Friends of SWS is available here.) Friends of SWS does not in any way manage the school’s operations, or make curriculum and staffing decisions.

Friends’ Leadership

Friends of SWS Board of Directors comprised of parent and community members:

  • Andrew Kaplan, Chair (former parent)
  • Fatima Goss Graves (parent)
  • Nick Rutar (parent)
  • Rebecca Martini (parent)
  • Sarah Burke (SWS founding teacher)
  • Ariel Jacobs (community member)

Friends’ Budget

Friends of SWS raises funds through our annual SWS Auction and Gala and an annual giving campaign, grants, and other fundraising and private giving efforts.

In the 2018-19 school year, Friends of SWS’ budget funds a variety of needs and enhancements beyond the DCPS budget for SWS. (Note: Expense items do not necessarily reflect the total expense in a given area or the total cost of a program, only the budgeted amount over and above any other funding sources for the year.)