Support our school with a tax-deductible donation to Friends of SWS


The money we raise makes possible important parts of the enriched, joyful, kind environment we all value at SWS:

  • Classroom teaching partners, so all classes benefit from lower adult-to-student ratios
  • Professional development for staff above and beyond what DCPS provides, including support for our new, unique inquiry-based math curriculum
  • FoodPrints — a well-loved signature program at SWS
  • Materials (manipulatives, books, silkworms, center activities) that support Reggio instruction in our Ateliers and classrooms
  • Materials and equipment for our specials, including library, music, and PE
  • Technology for teachers and student learning

About the Campaign

Each fall, our annual giving campaign is the second highest source of private funds raised annually by our community. All funds go to Friends of SWS (a DC nonprofit formed in 2012 to support SWS). With these private funds, we can augment our DCPS school budget to support our exceptional staff and enhance our inspirational, joyful environment.

We are asking every SWS families to donate what they are able. Please consider donating $17 per month or $200 in a one-time gift for every child you have at SWS (i.e., $17, $34, $51 per month or $200, $400, $600 in a one-time gift). This is just over $1 for every day your child(ren) are at SWS and about the cost of one no frills coffee each week.

Please give what you are comfortable contributing; all gifts make a difference. We hope all families will participate!


There are several options for contributions:

  1. Monthly giving with automatic, recurring credit card deductions
  2. One-time gifts
  3. Checks or money orders (these reduce the amount of credit card fees we pay). Make checks payable to Friends of SWS and send them in your child’s folder or drop them off with Ms. Shawna in the front office.

Please donate between now and December 3rd.