amy-wertheimer“Two of my successes in teaching are … 1) the number FIVE! That digit represents the number of student teachers I have trained in my classrooms over the years that are now working successfully to educate children and 2) The vast number of young men and women who return from college to tell me they are history or literature or math majors because of a bug they caught when they were in my classroom.

I am most proud of … being an accomplished teacher for my students, a respectful daughter, a supportive sister, a true friend, and a loving aunt to all my nieces and nephews.

In my free time, I travel, learn, attend Broadway shows, and spend time with friends.

I would describe my teaching style as … a benevolent dictator (as I have always explained to my classes though tongue in cheek). I set the parameters of their educational exploration, and within that structure they are encouraged to find their own way, and chart their own learning path. I am also a true believer in the maxim that “fair is not always equal,” thus I try to meet each child where they are, and provide each child with what they need (even if it is not what they want).  Finally fun should be found somewhere in the equation, fun and perhaps a bit of folly.”

Ms. Wertheimer comes to SWS as the school’s first 5th grade teacher. She was previously at Watkins Elementary, where she received the Watkins Elementary School Teacher of the Year award numerous times. She was also awarded the prestigious Rubenstein Teaching Award from DCPS for Excellence in Teaching.  Ms. Wertheimer has an M.A. from Trinity University in Urban Education, Diversity and Social Justice, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Inclusion Education from the University of New England.