Jere Lorenzen-Strait

“The thing I love most about teaching/working at SWS is the awesome kids!  I teach because I love to play and learn alongside wonderful little people … and SWS is bursting at the seams with thoughtful, joyful children!

‪The thing I am most proud of is meeting each child where they are at and helping them grow, whether they are bold or bashful or somewhere in between.  I love building relationships of care and trust with each of my students.

‪In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, reading fantasy books, sewing in my craft room, and tinkering in the garden.

I would describe my teaching style as joyful, nurturing, and love-filled … and loud!  I love to sing and laugh and be silly.  I love to listen to kids’ stories.  I love to play outside and get dirty in the garden.  I love to jump into investigations about my students’ interests.

A visitor to my class would see: a joyful, high-energy community of kids and teachers; kids spending lots of time listening to, acting out, and writing stories; kids sewing pillows, building zoos, investigating alligator teeth, making marble shows, and painting portraits; teachers leading and learning alongside students; and lots and lots of hugs.”

Mr. Jere began his teaching career at SWS as a student teacher while earning his B.A. in Early Childhood Education from The Catholic University of America. He’s been teaching at SWS since 2010. He has also:

  • Participated in North American Study Group in Reggio Emilia, Italy 

  • Attended North American Reggio Emilia Alliance Summer Conference, Pacific Grove, California 

  • Attended Responsive Classroom Training, Alexandria, Virginia