How do you feel today?

Calm kids are happy. Calm kids stay cool. Calm kids share their feelings. Both at home and school. Calm kids give their body what it needs. Calm kids follow the rules. Calm kids are happy. [...]

SWS FoodPrints program receives significant support!

This week, the FRESHFARM FoodPrints program at School Within School was awarded a significant grant of $15,000! This support is crucial to continuing our FoodPrints "in-school field trip" model at SWS. The grant was awarded was a School [...]

Did you see the color of the flag today?

Did you notice the green flag flying in front of the school? Ask an SWS student … he or she can tell you that the flag tells us about today’s air quality. Nurse Jade is [...]

“How can we stand up instead of standing by when we see injustice?”

"How can we stand up instead of standing by when we see injustice?" That was the topic of February's all-school community meeting, hosted by the 4th grade classes. In the weeks leading up to the meeting, all [...]

Student-led dialogue: Thinking better together

In this post, Ms. Scofield describes the process she and Mr. Leavitt used to guide second graders in developing the provocation for the November schoolwide community meeting: "How can we take care of our world?" Early [...]

SWS Celebrates Thanksgiving

Across our school on November 19th, families and staff celebrated Thanksgiving together with potlucks in each grade. Here's a peek at celebrations in 3rd, 2nd, and 1st grades. In 3rd grade, Ms. Ewart's class prepared dishes for [...]

SWS Logowear: Order now!

Back by popular demand, it's SWS Logowear! The same classic, soft t-shirts we sold in the spring are back for the fall in grey and blue, along with a gray long sleeve t-shirt and two [...]