The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) is a team of parents, teachers, and a community member who advises the principal. Each DC Public School has an elected LSAT (see DCPS guidelines on LSATs), the role of which is to advise the principal on priorities and goals, allocation of school resources, curriculum options, school culture and policies and procedures.

SWS LSAT Members, 2018-19

Parent Representatives
Nick Rutar (Chair)
Angela Chandler (Early Childhood)
Elisabeth Jacobs (Early Elementary and Outgoing Chair)
Elaine Zimmerman (Upper Elementary)
Brian Rahaman (At-Large)

Teacher Representatives
Maurice Tome
Krista Howell
Amy Wertheimer
Maureen Sanders

Administration Representatives
John Burst, Principal
Melissa Brisbane, Assistant Principal

Role & Composition of the LSAT at SWS

At SWS, the LSAT and the Parent-Led Committee Chairs meet monthly as the SWS Advisory and Support Team. The main responsibilities of the LSAT are to attend monthly team meetings, advise on the school budget, finances, and strategy and consider long and short term funding needs, and be available to advocate for the school and to support its approach and values with DCPS, City Council, etc.

There are a total of four LSAT elected parent positions. Two positions are two year in length and two positions are a year commitment.  The positions come from each of the Learning Communities so that parent involvement is equally distributed. Parent representatives are elected in the spring and serve the school year. The group also includes the principal, a teacher from each learning community, two administrative school staff and a community member. Only the parent representatives are elected.