SWS has a long tradition of active parent committees that provide support and assistance so that school staff can focus first on teaching and learning.

Below are our parent-led committees. To sign up for a committee or find a committee contact, please see our SWS Committee Signup Page.

Recruitment Committee

Chairs: Liz Brunell Bailey, Caroline Alder Pierson

The Recruitment Committee prepare and plan three or four SWS Open Houses annually. The committee sets the dates and times; advertises all the open houses; prepares all information for the Open Houses (including brochures, FAQs, sign-in sheets, name tags, and slide shows); and coordinates refreshments. Members serve as volunteers and tour guides during Open Houses and represent the school during the Capitol Hill school information night and the citywide school information fair.

Environment Committee

Chair: Elaine Zimmerman

The Environment Committee aims to make the inside and outside of the school a beautiful environment that supports Reggio Emilia education. Members of this committee organize workdays to complete small and big projects to improve our school environment.

Communications Committee

Chairs: Liz Paisner and Beth Bacon

This committee is charged with keeping SWS families and the community informed. This is accomplished through a weekly Weekend Wrap-up e-mail to SWS families, social media posts, and other marketing efforts. Committee members assist in creation of content, editing work, signage assistance, and website support.

Health and Wellness Committee

Chair: Lauren McCunney

The Health and Wellness Committee works with the school to help promote and organize programs related to the well being of our students. This committee has organized activities such as Bike to School Day, and on-going work with programs such as FoodPrints, and DC Safe Routes.

Community-Building Committee

Chairs: Molly Smith and Andrea Brown-White

The Community-Building Committee is tasked with helping to bring together SWS parents and students as well as teachers and staff. The committee’s goal is to create opportunities for all members of the SWS community to become more familiar with each other.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is comprised of subcommittees that lead fundraising efforts on behalf of Friends of SWS. In order to provide the unique, high-quality, Reggio-Emilia-inspired education that SWS pioneered as a D.C. Public School, parents and the community must raise considerable funds to support the needs of the program. The anticipated 2013-2014 school year fundraisers include: Back to School/Principal’s Priorities, Corporate/Foundation Grants & Sponsorship Outreach, Friends and Family, Grant Writing, Affinity Programs, School Community Efforts, Corporate Matching Programs and Payroll Deductions, and Spring Gala.

Outreach Committee

Chair: Gloria Nauden and Todd Valentine

The Outreach Committee works to develop and maintain relationships with the community, including local organizations, civic leaders, neighbors, and friends of the school.

Diversity Committee

Chair: Kyo Freeman

The Diversity Committee is tackling issues related to diversity by engaging parents and teachers in discussions on diversity and race and formulating plans for events, professional development, training, and recruitment to meet diversity goals.