Our School Handbook contains policies and procedures for many aspects of our school, including security, attendance, clothing, snack, discipline, and parent involvement.

Download the full School Handbook for SWS Families [PDF]

Expectations for All

First and foremost, we share the following expectations for all in our school community:

  • Listen, consider, reflect, respond (active listening)
  • Take responsibility for actions / be accountable
  • Assume a positive intent
  • Value multiple-perspectives
  • Be open minded

Highlighted Policies

Read policies for:

Entering the Building

Upon entering the SWS building, all parents and visitors will be asked to show a government issued photo id and sign in or swipe their key fob. Key fobs are available from the office and have an initial cost of $5.00. Please be prepared to present a photo ID if asked by an official of the school. Parents and guests should only enter the building using the front door at all times to support the school’s effort to keep a safe and secure learning environment. Please do not share fobs. For the safety of our students, the security guard will not admit anyone whose face does not match the scanned ID photo.

Nut-Free Facility

Food related allergies, especially allergies related to nuts, can be life threatening for children with those sensitivities. As such, SWS is a nut free school. Please do not send nuts, nut spreads, and foods containing nuts to school with your child.