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SWS Sunflowers Art Exhibit at the Hill Center

SWS students have been exploring the huge sunflowers in the SWS garden ... exploring them full size outside and up close in the art studio. Students created multimedia explorations of color and line, and even a collaborative [...]

October LSAT & Advisory Team Meeting: Message from the Chair

The SWS LSAT & Advisory Team met on October 5th for a productive meeting. Highlights of that meeting follow: Principal Burst is working on SWS’s achievement goals for this academic year. He will present them [...]

A glimpse of SWS math instruction at Kindergarten and 2nd grade

Math at SWS: Investigating, Making Connections, and Relating to Real World Situations SWS uses a math curriculum called "Investigations," in which students: explore problems in depth find more than one way to solve many of the problems [...]

Meet Madame Greif, World Languages teacher at SWS

Meet Madame Greif, the new SWS World Languages Teacher. Madame Greif comes to SWS as a neighbor, as a parent, and now as a teacher. She has experience teaching French as well as English as [...]

Meet Mr. Palm, Science teacher at SWS

Mr. Palm is SWS’s new science teacher. He brings to SWS a background in the District of Columbia and abroad. He attended DCPS schools K through 12th grade! He studied anthropology in college (University of [...]

Our community comes together at back-to-school night

About half of our families came back to school on Sept. 16 to meet the staff, parent leaders, and their child(ren)'s teacher. We met many of the more than 40-person staff -- and Principal Burst [...]

Teachers hard at work preparing for the coming school year

With the $10,000 we were able to invest this summer on teacher development -- thanks to your generous support of Friends of SWS -- teachers have been coming into the building over the past three [...]

SWS meets ambitious academic goals set by DCPS

Each year, each DCPS school sets five goals for the chancellor based on its start of the year assessments.  SWS met four of our five Chancellor goals for last school year. We smashed our Text Reading [...]

Children Are Citizens … of the City

As part of our participation in Harvard's Project Zero Children Are Citizens, students at SWS have been exploring the city. Here's a take from two kindergarteners on that exploration:

Children Are Citizens … of Museums

Children Are Citizens Anyone who was at the National Gallery of Art in March and saw animated first graders performing plays in front of paintings may have thought: What? Are they allowed to do that [...]