SWS 4th graders lead community meeting

“How can we stand up instead of standing by when we see injustice?” That was the topic of February’s all-school community meeting, hosted by the 4th grade classes. In the weeks leading up to the meeting, all students at SWS explored this topic in their classrooms during morning meeting.

how can we stand up:jpgDuring the all-school community meeting, the 4th graders shared precepts — or guiding principles — they developed on this month’s question:

  • Fortune favors the bold.
  • A world without kindness us like ship without sails.
  • They will only journey on if they know you care.

On the bulletin board in the front entryway, the 4th graders are asking for thoughts from the SWS community on ways of following these guiding principles.

As families talk at home about the question, “How can we stand up instead of standing by when we see injustice?”, Ms. Whitmore suggests two children books that help generate a thoughtful discussion on this topic:

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue (for younger students)
The Hundred Dresses (6 and up)

Stay tuned for next month’s community meeting question, and find out more about SWS community meetings.